Rod Nichol Water Flyer
Voting Info:

October 10 & 17
CVRD Boardroom:
550B Comox Rd, Courtenay
8am to 8pm

October 20

NIDES Education Center:
25095 Smith Road
CVRD Boardroom:
550B Comox Rd, Courtenay

Rod Nichol
above all

Put simply...

I stand for honest and open communication in all my interactions with others.

I believe in active listening to understand what the residents of Area B are telling their representative and to act on residents' concerns.

I believe in hard work and will work tirelessly to fulfill the responsibilities as Director of Area B.

Reasons for running in this year's election:
  • The ever-expanding budget.
  • The costs of 'planning'.
  • Costs of water for Area B residents.
  • Lack of vision for how we handle solid waste disposal.
Vote for Rod Nichol
on October 20!
On October 10, 17 or on the 20th, vote for honesty, transparency, and fairness...
Authorized by Lynn Nichol, Financial Agent ELECT ROD NICHOL CAMPAIGN. 250-898-8873