Rod Nichol Water Flyer
Voting Info:

October 10 & 17
CVRD Boardroom:
550B Comox Rd, Courtenay
8am to 8pm

October 20

NIDES Education Center:
25095 Smith Road
CVRD Boardroom:
550B Comox Rd, Courtenay

The Issues in Area B...

There are many issues I have concerns about and that could benefit from my pragmatic and straightforward approach.

One issue that has shown itself to be a real concern in Area B is our water and its fair and equitable cost distribution. Many residents have complained about their cost of water skyrocketing due to the new 'tiered metered water rates'.
Click here to read Rod's Water Fairness Flyer.

For a more general outline of Rod's stance on a wider range of issues in the Area B region you could read:
Rod's Question and Answer page available here.

"I am a long-time resident of the Comox Valley and am seeking re-election to the Regional Board for Area B because I wish to represent the concerns and needs of Area B residents. As a past director of Area C, I have experience in local government and public service."
Vote for Rod Nichol
on October 20!
On October 10, 17 or on the 20th, vote for honesty, transparency, and fairness...
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