Rod Nichol Water Flyer
Voting Info:

October 10 & 17
CVRD Boardroom:
550B Comox Rd, Courtenay
8am to 8pm

October 20

NIDES Education Center:
25095 Smith Road
CVRD Boardroom:
550B Comox Rd, Courtenay

I value your input on issues.

Because the Director for Area B in the Comox Valley Regional District represents the electors in Area B, I consider this position to be one of public service and public trust. I therefore believe it is critical to perform the duties of the position in an open, honest and transparent manner.

Equally important is making oneself, not only available to constituents, but also open to their ideas, promoting and welcoming dialogue about their needs and concerns. In that context, one of the ways I propose to stay in touch is to maintain a blog. Another way is to develop and maintain healthy meetings with citizens’ advisory groups of representatives appointed by their peers. When I was a Director for Area C I introduced this approach and found it an effective way to stay in touch with my constituents.

"My wife Lynn and I live in Area B near Seal Bay Park. Our interests range from golfing and hiking to bird watching, kayaking, and gardening. For positive change in our community, please vote for me on October 20th."
Vote for Rod Nichol
on October 20!
On October 10, 17 or on the 20th, vote for honesty, transparency, and fairness...
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